Have you ever hit the send button on a website but nothing happened… It is annoying, isn’t it!

In the digital world, we need to give feedback to our visitors when an interaction initiated by them.
How long does it take for them to receive our feedback? It is good to know: this time frame will determine the reaction rate and your customer will sense the urgency and that they are progressing.
The users face a very typical problem, that is, after filling out an online form and clicking the submit button nothing happens. You have to understand what the users might be thinking: “I did not send it?” “Did I click the right button?” The user can still click on it again and again or a hundred times, to be sure of the the end result but receive no feedback.
If you are running a task on the page, and should expect to carry out some kind of process, you should do run this in the background! However, on the user interface you must immediately show to your customers that “you took their request” – so visitors will know that all is well and the form is submitted.
Some examples of what the options are for your site:
• message to show: “error, success, warning”
• pop-up window
• color change
• progress bar display
• warnings, or warning signs
So simple ☺

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