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When the buyer sees an amount for a desired object or service he/she will consider it as a reference point. For example $1099.99 is a lot of money and it is considered a high price tag, however when it is compared to the original amount, let’s say a lower price of $599 seems like a ridiculous discount and perhaps feels like a lottery win and thus brings relief! How you can apply the same web page?
Let’s say you are listing package deals; first you should show your most expensive package then the subsequent package prices definitely will feel low for your customers! A different approach is to create a package that is not necessarily for sale but it is full of extras. This package, again, will be the reference point for your customers first encounter. Based on this reference price, the actual package price they would select will seem to be much cheaper and they will find this price favorably low compared to the reference offer.
Give it a try! ☺

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