While many of our clients love pretty pictures on their websites, there are some risks from downloading them from the internet. I have personally learned my lesson a long time ago… Do not use any pictures you can find online!
Let’s clarify, just because I will talk about a web shop picture here, that doesn’t mean that a landing page picture or a thumbnail picture can’t be a problem. My story is about a tiny picture of some sunflower seeds I found online and I uploaded it for my sunflower seed packages I was going to sell online. Long to be hold, the next day, I get an email from a lawyer telling me that I owe 2,000 euros (two thousand?!?!) and they are sending me the check that I can make my “donation” to the rightful owner. According to this lawyer, that tiny little sunflower seed picture, I conveniently downloaded then uploaded to my web shop, belongs to a Swiss photographer and I have no rights to use it. The lawyer tells me that I have until midnight of the same night to remove that picture or I should just pay the 2000 euro copyright penalty. Of course, I immediately removed the picture and learned a good lesson. Often when we create some bad ass website we have to tell our clients that we can provide the stock photos or if they have their own original ones that are usable it is even better.

Please watch out and be smart about the photos that are live on your websites. It worth the money for some awesome stock pictures instead of the headache that can follow some convenient photo downloads.




  • Angela

    Interesting read! Thank you!

  • Cris

    it was a big help, thank you!


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