The dangers of Ctrl + C or Ctrl + V

★★★ The dangers of Ctrl + C or Ctrl + V ★★★ It is not easy to stand out in a crowd, but the best solution is to create unique content of your website! But it is not worth to find short cuts instead of doing the work because if you're not willing to create the unique content and just simply copy an interesting article "Ctrl + C, Ctrl + V" google very soon realize

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Reward your visitors!

Be aware: In the digital world the best and most expensive treasure for you is your users' attention!!! Always reward the user! You can reach out to them so they are no longer reluctant to give you their time and effort and they can feel that they are getting something in return! ☺ #webdesign #webshop #austin #austinwebdesign

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Communicating your price

☺ The original price is... ►►►BUT!◄◄◄ Only now, only from us, only for you! When the buyer sees an amount for a desired object or service he/she will consider it as a reference point. For example $1099.99 is a lot of money and it is considered a high price tag, however when it is compared to the original amount, let's say a lower price of $599 seems like a ridiculous discount and perhaps feels like

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Plenty of folks in Austin, Texas have spotted Google's distinctive self-driving Lexus cars recently, and now we know why. The company revealed that it's now rolling the vehicles in downtown Austin in order to "(test) our software in different driving environments, traffic patterns and road conditions." While Google could also test its self-driving cars in Nevada and elsewhere, Austin is the first city outside of Mountain View where it's actually done so. The reason? "We've



A very old and famous saying, “to err is human and to forgive is divine“, is absolutely true. We all make mistakes, because none of us is perfect. Whether it’s real life or WordPress, mistakes happen everywhere. To commit a mistake is not a crime, however, not learning from it and not trying to repeat it again definitely is. Everyone learn from their mistakes, but it’s much better to learn from the others’ mistakes. In

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This is an adopted article from the Traveholic Nomad Blog. I lived in Budapest for 2 months last year, and amongst all the adventures, countries and experiences I had during what I can call ‘the best and craziest year of my life’, this is the city that holds the deepest and most special place in my heart. It’s hard to express in words and explain how much this city grew on me for only 2

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Based on and other websites, there are various logos that we realize, maybe we see it every day, but still doesn't recognize the meaning or the hidden message! # 1. Baskin-Robbins - The middle part of the logo is highlighted in pink - it is actually the number of 31 which is representing the number of flavors they offer.   # 2. Sony VAIO - If you look closer, you can separate the logo



Hello Austin! At WebAnd Media we think the next Silicon Valley, aka Austin, needs us! So we decided to open our brand new branch in Austin, Texas! We have more than 10 years of expeience in webdesign, development and mobile applications, which means the enterpreuners and start-ups in Austin could use our wonderful services! We have received a lot of inquries from new clients in the States, so we decided to make a move and

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