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Have you ever hit the send button on a website but nothing happened... It is annoying, isn't it! ☺ In the digital world, we need to give feedback to our visitors when an interaction initiated by them. How long does it take for them to receive our feedback? It is good to know: this time frame will determine the reaction rate and your customer will sense the urgency and that they are progressing. The users

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Cookies are small text files which your browser (eg. Explorer, Firefox) places on a your hard drive when you browse. This stores certain information about the user you and/or your activities. For example, Google's tool for conversion tracking it is placing such cookies on your computer when you click on an ad or AdWords it will remeber you at a later date and it will be able to identify you, the user, at a later

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Surely, you have already met with this acronym, as it is often used. It is a similar to the phone book of the world wide internet, to look up the Internet Protocol (IP) address of each server. This DNS makes it easier for the users to remember the web address (URL) and email address (e.g.: http://webandaustin.com/ or hello@webandaustin.com) without worrying about how the computer is actually does it (e.g.: http://webandaustin.com/ 's IP address is

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While many of our clients love pretty pictures on their websites, there are some risks from downloading them from the internet. I have personally learned my lesson a long time ago... Do not use any pictures you can find online! Let's clarify, just because I will talk about a web shop picture here, that doesn't mean that a landing page picture or a thumbnail picture can't be a problem. My story is about a tiny picture of some sunflower seeds

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Not really true aesthetically speaking, but we are definitely not shallow and REALLY proud our men doing what they need to do! It is important that we are promoting awareness of men living happier, healthier, longer lives. Support, donate, but most importantly be aware... just like a good website and good graphics are important for us please support

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We really enjoyed reading this article from Built in Austin. If you live here, most of these company names are familiar and if you are working in tech industry you have definitely though about working for them or perhaps been offered a job by them. They have a lot of perks but the most important factor is that they are local. The big money of SanFran is seductive but if you don't care to much of

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